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Thank you to all our industry panelists and attendees who made the AgKnowledge Seminars a great success this year!

2016 AgKnowledge Seminars, Cultivating Agribusiness in Idaho half day seminar

2015 Tax Rate Brochure

2014 Final Repair Regulation, Idaho Ag, Agriculture, Expense vs Capitalize, repairs and resotriation


"As a client of more than 50 years with Cooper Norman, it is refreshing to continue to do business with people that listen to my needs and help me to accomplish my goals. Their level of integrity and respect truly sets them apart from their competition."
               - David Pickett


  • 2016 Half-Day Ag Seminar for Ag producers and others in the Ag industry wanting to stay current on industry business issues.
  • Awareness of a situation is expanded and individuals can gain insight into how they can achieve their own goals without undermining those of others. Resolution brings cohesion, mutual respect, and a renewed drive to work together.
  • A majority of business units pay attention to successfully growing the numbers of acres, head, or whatever they produce. However, many ignore the organization. This results in ineffective organizational structure and creates stress on the business and its people.
  • We made it through another year! Our team gathered in Pocatello this June to examine our past year and focus on a shared vision for 2015/2016.

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Customer satisfaction is valuable but customer loyalty is priceless. We strive to provide our 5-Star Customer Service to each and every client. This is just another way that we are making a difference.