One of the largest Idaho based advisory and CPA firm delivers the information and tools you need to conquer uncertainty – and build a powerful vision for the future of your business. From traditional tax, audit and assurance services through strategic advisory for every stage in the business lifecycle, count on Cooper Norman as your partner for durable growth and success.


Industries Served

Maximize CARES Act Provisions

The 2020 CARES Act offered an essential lifeline to businesses broadsided by the coronavirus pandemic. Find out more about important tax provisions in the legislation that could have long-term consequences for your organization.

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Find Challenge And Growth

Cooper Norman offers rewarding – and varied – opportunities for professionals at all career stages.

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Selected Clients

Your Partner in Addressing Business Uncertainty to Realize New Opportunities

As a leading advisory and CPA firm, Cooper Norman helps a broad range of businesses find clarity in their current operations – and move ahead with confidence. We set clients up for stability in the face of an ever-changing economy, so they can step into the next opportunity equipped for long-term success.

Whether you are looking for an advisory and CPA firm with expertise in tax, compliance and financial management – or need big-picture analysis and advice to support your plans for business expansion or transition, our team brings seasoned experience and on-call resources to the table.

What’s the bottom line? Uncertainty is real, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Cooper Norman brings proven solutions and strategies to manage the factors you can control in your business and position you to compete, thrive and grow on the road ahead.