It was our third annual Join the Madness event in Pocatello with Idaho State University accounting students. The competition was fierce with between 40 to 50 students who came out for the event. 
Kimberlee Lystrup, an attendee (and winner of the women’s bracket) at our first Join the Madness event several years ago, is now an accountant with us at Cooper Norman. She headed up the event this year, and was excited to be involved again.

“I think the Join the Madness is a great experience for students and staff alike. When I was at ISU it gave me a chance to meet more of the Cooper Norman team in the Pocatello office where, at the time, I was hoping to get a job. Now, as a staff member, it is a fun stress reliever from tax season and it provides us an opportunity to meet students in a more casual setting. At Cooper Norman we do all we can to support the university and build relationships with its faculty and its students even when it’s not “recruiting season”. I think that level of involvement stands out when we are recruiting and students get a good feel for the fit we are looking for in potential future CN team members.”- Kimberlee Lystrup

Our winners- Cody Bunn and Jennifer Donaldson, and then a photo of three years of the women’s pop shot bracket champs, Kimberlee, Brittney, and Jennifer