Brooke joined Cooper Norman in 2010. She originally served as the receptionist in the Cooper Norman Boise Office, and gradually worked into a marketing role for the firm through her work on printed promotional material, logo refinement, and website maintenance. She is responsible for designing electronic and print materials including visual elements of Power Point presentations, printed brochures and announcements, design work for standard print material, website and blog content, and social media content.
Brooke was born and raised in Eagle, ID. After spending a semester abroad in France as an exchange student in high school, studying several years at Boise State University, and living away from Idaho for a decade in New Jersey and various other places throughout the United States, she has a deep appreciation for the value and beauty of her native Treasure Valley home. She also has an interest in, and reverence for, the diversity in cultures and perspectives offered by other people and places.
She currently lives in Middleton with her husband and three boys. She enjoys photographing people, spending quiet time in book stores, cooking at home, Sunday bike rides when the weather is nice, and time spent with family and friends.
Brooke spends time outside of work
on her photography
Brooke and her grandmother
(one of her most cherished influences)
Brooke’s three boys