Daniel joined Cooper Norman in 2010, and has since developed his expertise in tax, financial statement preparation, and fraud investigation.  He became a partner at Cooper Norman in 2014. The majority of his time is spent consulting with agricultural producers and closely-held business owners.


Partner – CPA, CFE, CVA
Cooper Norman, Certified Public Accountants; Idaho Falls, Idaho

  • Daniel has developed an expertise in entity-level tax compliance, financial statement preparation, business valuation, and fraud investigation. He specializes in the medical industry, with specific emphasis on DSO compliance.
  • Daniel has participated in several forensic and valuation engagements and has conducted all necessary procedures pursuant to drafting final investigative reports. Additionally, he has provided several expert testimonies in presentation of forensic and valuation findings.
  • Daniel maintains a certified public accountant license from the State of Idaho, a Certified Fraud Examiner designation, and a Certified Valuation Analyst designation. He maintains current professional education regiment of 80 hours annually related to accounting, fraud examination, and valuation.


  • Business Valuation – Daniel works with Cooper Norman professionals who have over 40 years of combined experience in valuation services. All professionals are qualified as expert witnesses in federal, state, and local courts. They are trained to determine the current economic value of your practice, and provide insights on how to maximize practice value in the future. Business valuations can be used to resolve disputes related to taxation, divorce litigation, purchase price allocation, buy-sell agreements, improving the key performance indicators of your practice, and many other business and legal purposes.
  • Forensic Accounting – Daniel is experienced in the reconstruction of financial information useful in legal proceedings. With Daniel and Cooper Norman’s training and experience in fraud detection, they are well qualified to investigate allegations of accounting manipulation and misappropriation. Furthermore, forensic accounting expertise can be used to assist attorneys and business owners in assessing liability and damages. Medical and dental professionals are statistically susceptible to employee fraud and asset misappropriation. Daniel specializes in designing internal controls necessary to prevent fraud. Cooper Norman has worked with local and federal law enforcement and performed investigative accounting procedures in numerous arenas.
  • Tax – Daniel and Cooper Norman employ a proactive approach to bring innovative tax solutions to medical professionals. Daniel strives to understand clients’ needs and continually exceed their expectations.
    • Tax services include: Amended Tax Returns, Audits by Tax Authorities, Amended of Loss Carry Back Returns, Cost Segregations Studies, Entity Selection/Restructuring, Excise Tax Returns, Federal and State Income Tax Returns, Multistate Income Tax Returns, Transaction Structuring, Tax Planning, and Tax Research.
    • Most importantly, Cooper Norman has developed a new and innovative approach to DSO taxation upon transaction. The strategy involves gain re-characterization, gain deferral, and avoidance of ancillary tax by way of entity restructuring. Cooper Norman has evaluated the impact of tax reform on all business types, with particular emphasis on medical professionals.

Recent Publications

  • Investigate This: Emotional Reactions to Numbers – Inability to be random can help detect fraud – ACFE and Fraud Magazine (“Fraud Magazine”, May/June 2014, a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Austin, TX, © 2014) o Examined the usefulness of revising statistical fraud detection techniques by considering the qualitative and subconscious tendencies associated with fraudulent behavior.
  • Finances: Safeguarding Your Operations – Fraud prevention and internal controls – Potato Grower Magazine (“Potato Grower”, September 2013) o Examined the usefulness of fraud prevention measures and a fraud response plan in the agricultural industry.
  • Finances: Safe & Secure – Protecting your business from fraud – Potato Grower Magazine (“Potato Grower”, August 2015) o Provided useful processes and procedures in preventing fraud.

Professional Societies and Organizations

  • AICPA – American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • ISCPA – Idaho Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • NACVA – National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts


  • The Ohio State University; Columbus, Ohio
  • Brigham Young University-Idaho; Rexburg, Idaho

Daniel spent much of his youth in Idaho where he was employed as a bookstore clerk and art gallery manager.  He enjoyed participating in the Boy Scouts program and was awarded the Eagle Scout Award.  Daniel and his wife Tara have two children.  Daniel enjoys spending time with family and pursuing his interests in photography, music, literature, golf, and the outdoors.