2017 Idaho AgFest

Brooke Eppa
Sep 26, 2017 12:23 PM
Idaho AgFest will be taking place at the Pinecrest Event Center at 1515 Northgate Mile in Idaho Falls, Idaho on October 21st this year. Festivities will run from 12pm to 5pm. In an effort to support our vibrant local agricultural community, we'd like to encourage everyone to attend and connect!
Idaho AgFest flyer, October 21st 2017
You can download a PDF version of the flyer in both English and Spanish here.
Community Involvement
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2016 Great Race For Education

Brooke Eppa
Jul 18, 2016 12:16 PM
The Great Race for Education is a fundraiser for EITC (Eastern Idaho Technical College). We had our four amazing runners entered Friday, Dan, Rachel, Lance and Nate. And we had several people helping to solve clues, Mike, Terri, Malinda, Matthew, Ryan, and Misty. We came in first place in the race portion. (Second place was the Marines!) And we came in third place overall. This placement allows us to award a scholarship to an EITC student in Cooper Norman's name. It was a great event, and we had a blast. Yay!
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Leadership Pocatello Graduated a New Class!

Brooke Eppa
May 18, 2016 11:34 AM

Congratulations to Austin Irwin and his Leadership Pocatello Class on a highly successful event Saturday, April 16 , 2016 at the Avcenter. 

There were over 300 in attendance and they raised over $19,000 which will go back into our community through our Leadership Program.

Elda Irwin, Jen Bowen, and Austin Irwin at Leadership Pocatello graduation

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Career Day at Highland High School in Pocatello

Brooke Eppa
Apr 27, 2016 01:07 PM
One of our CPAs from our Pocatello office, Matthew Barker, had the privilege of attending the Highland High School career fair in Pocatello this morning. The school offers several business classes, including management, economics, marketing, computer technology, and accounting. Many of the students he had the opportunity to speak with were very interested in pursuing accounting as a career after high school. It was a great event that was attended by about 150 students. During the latter part of the career fair Matthew did mock interviews with a few students. They were each confident, outgoing, and competitive. The program the high school designed is preparing students for their future careers by helping them to gain knowledge applicable to the business world. At the end of the career fair, Matthew raffled off a Cooper Norman backpack. The lucky winner today was Tahliyah Appenay.
Winner at Highland High School Career Day, Pocatello, Idaho
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2016 Join the Madness with ISU

Brooke Eppa
Feb 25, 2016 07:02 PM
It was our third annual Join the Madness event in Pocatello with Idaho State University accounting students. The competition was fierce with between 40 to 50 students who came out for the event. 
Kimberlee Lystrup, an attendee (and winner of the women's bracket) at our first Join the Madness event several years ago, is now an accountant with us at Cooper Norman. She headed up the event this year, and was excited to be involved again. 

"I think the Join the Madness is a great experience for students and staff alike. When I was at ISU it gave me a chance to meet more of the Cooper Norman team in the Pocatello office where, at the time, I was hoping to get a job. Now, as a staff member, it is a fun stress reliever from tax season and it provides us an opportunity to meet students in a more casual setting. At Cooper Norman we do all we can to support the university and build relationships with its faculty and its students even when it's not "recruiting season". I think that level of involvement stands out when we are recruiting and students get a good feel for the fit we are looking for in potential future CN team members."- Kimberlee Lystrup


Our winners- Cody Bunn and Jennifer Donaldson, and then a photo of three years of the women's pop shot bracket champs, Kimberlee, Brittney, and Jennifer


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2015 BYU Idaho Tax Competition Winners

Jun 16, 2015 10:21 AM
The winners of the 2015 BYU Idaho Tax Competition are:
First Place 
• Derek Ward
• Amanda Gardner
• Jordan Ward
• David Jacobs
 1st Place winners of the BYU Idaho tax competition
Second Place 
• Richard Butler
• Brandon Caywood
• Preston Davison
• Shane Riley
 2nd Place winners of the BYU Idaho Tax Competition
Third Place 
• Bryce Olson
• Brantley Brooks
• Jonathan Price
• Brandon Pelfrey
 3rd Place Winners of the BYU Idaho Tax Competition
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2015 ISU Cooper Norman Tax Competition

Brooke Eppa
Jan 29, 2015 10:10 AM
Cooper Norman’s first annual collegiate tax competition took place yesterday, Wednesday, January 28th at Idaho state University.  We invite undergraduate students to participate in the two hour competition.  The participants are presented with 2 tax research topics and are asked to draft tax file memos addressing the issues.  Cash prizes were awarded to the three top teams.  We had over 40 participants.  
2015 ISU Tax Competition Sponsored by Cooper Norman
2015 ISU Tax Competition Sponsored by Cooper Norman 2

2015 ISU Tax Competition Sponsored by Cooper Norman 3
2015 ISU Tax Competition Sponsored by Cooper Norman 4  
2015 ISU Tax Competition Sponsored by Cooper Norman 5  
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Buhl Youth Rodeo Awards

Brooke Eppa
Aug 29, 2014 10:38 AM
We have several Cooper Norman families from our Twin Falls office who participate in the Buhl Youth Rodeo. All the following information and imagery about the Rodeo, awards, and placements was provided by Laura Skinner of Laura Skinner Photography.
2014 Buhl Youth Rodeo Participants
picture by Laura Skinner Photography
Placements and Recognitions (Cooper Norman family members highlighted in Red):

0-6 Rubber Head Roping

Mason McDaniel  1st
Brazon Wells    2nd
Kasier Roe      3rd
Wyatt Blass     4th
Rodee Owen      5th
Joe Pavkov      6th

0-6 Rubber Head Roping

Mackenzie Rose  1st
Ruby Jo Nannini 2nd
Journey Kempton 4th
Jaycee Stroud   3rd
Kallie Gnesa    5th
Reata Severe    6th

Rubber Head 7-10

Devon McDaniel  1st
Heath Owens     2nd
Jardee Kempton  3rd
Sammy Saunders  4th
Bowen Brunson   5th
Jeb Ireland     6th

Rubber Head 7-10

Jetta Bott      1st
Teely Jo Bott   2nd
Jentree Bott    3rd
Alx Roe 4th
Laynee Gregersen        5th
Arlee Morrison  6th

Open Team Roping

Wacey Williams  1st
Talon Clark     2nd
Jeb Ireland     3rd
Garet Jardine   4th
Aaron Champneys 5th
Cooper Bradshaw 6th

Sr. Pole Bending

Josie Schmitz   1st
Jaylan Thomason 2nd
Meghan Lewis    3rd
Hayden Brunson  4th
Aubryn Bedke    5th
Caylee Bradshaw 6th

Jr. Poles

Laynee Gregersen        1st
Teely Jo Bott   2nd
Haylee Stroud   3rd
Abigail Olsen   4th
Sophie Berlin   5th
Alx Roe 6th

Pee Wee Poles

Jaycee Stroud   1st
Mackenzie Rose  2nd
Ruby Jo Nannini 3rd
Emma Owen       4th
Oaklee Skinner  5th
Kallie Gnesa    6th

Sr. Figure 8

Garet Jardine   1st
Cooper Bradshaw 2nd
Gage Gregersen  3rd
Wacey Williams  4th
Gage Campbell   5th
Wes Ireland     6th

Jr. Figure 8

Heath Owens     1st
Tennessee Owens 2nd
Sammy Saunders  3rd
Devon McDaniel  4th
Dally Sears     5th
Jeb Ireland     6th

Pee Wee Figure 8

Ryan Jardine    1st
Eyer Morrison   2nd
Mason McDaniel  3rd
Kasier Roe      4th
Blaze Conner    5th
Joe Pavkov      6th

Calf Riding

Heath Owens     1st
Jeb Ireland     2nd
Devon McDaniel  3rd
Tennessee Owens 4th
Aaron Champneys 5th
Will Nannini    6th

Sr. Girls Goats

Talon Clark     1st
Jesse Wadsworth 2nd
Aubryn Bedke    3rd
Hayden Brunson  4th
Zoie Bedke      5th
Jaylan Thomason 6th

Jr. Girls Goats

Alx Roe 1st
McKynlee Jacobs 2nd
Sophie Berlin   3rd
Jetta Bott      4th
Laynee Gregersen  5th
Rose Park       6th

Sr. Boys Goats

Wacey Williams  1st
Gage Gregersen  2nd
Michael Nannini 3rd
Garet Jardine   4th
Donovaun Rose   5th
Cooper Bradshaw 6th

Jr. Boys Goats

Devon McDaniel  1st
Aaron Champneys 2nd
Sammy Saunders  3rd
Jeb Ireland     4th
Tennessee Owens 5th
Mason McDaniel  6th

No-Horse Goat Un-tie
Ryan Jardine    1st
Eyer Morrison   2nd
Mason McDaniel  3rd
Britt Wells     4th
Brazon Wells    5th
Olen Morrison   6th

No-Horse Goat Un-tie
Oaklee Skinner  1st
Mackenzie Rose  2nd
Aspen Schiermeier 3rd
Jaycee Stroud   4th
Kallie Gnesa    5th
JaCee Payne     6th

Mini Bucking Horse

Gage Campbell   1st
Garet Jardie    2nd

Sr. Breakaway
Garet Jardine   1st
Wacey Williams  2nd
Gage Gregersen  3rd
Cooper Bradshaw 4th

Sr. Breakaway
Talon Clark     1st
Ally McDaniel   2nd
Aubryn Bedke    3rd
Jesse Wadsworth 4th
Aspen Steinmates 5th

Jr. Breakaway

Aaron Champneys 1st
Alx Roe 2nd
Sammy Saunders  3rd
Devon McDaniel  4th
Jeb Ireland     5th
Heath Owens     6th

Steer Riding

Wes Ireland  1st
Vernon Adams 2nd

Chute Dogging

Gage Gregersen  1st

Sr. Barrels

Aubryn Bedke    1st
Jaylan Thomason 2nd
Caylee Bradshaw 3rd
Talon Clark     4th
Ashlynn Lehman  5th
Codie Ann Park  6th


Sophie Berlin   1st
Jetta Bott      2nd
Alx Roe 3rd
Kitanna Barnes  4th
McKadee Bedke   5th
Jentree Bott    6th

Pee Wee Barrels

Jaycee Stroud   1st
Eyer Morrison   3rd
Mackenzie Rose  2nd
Oaklee Skinner  4th
Joe Pavkov      5th
Ruby Jo Nannini 6th

Sr. Flag Race

Cooper Bradshaw 1st
Garet Jardine   2nd
Michael Nannini 3rd
Donovaun Rose   4th
Wes Ireland     5th
Gage Gregersen  6th

Jr. Flag Race

Sammy Saunders  1st
Aaron Champneys 2nd
Heath Owen      3rd
Tennessee Owens 4th
Will Nannini    5th
Riley Brunson   6th

All Around                 Reserve All Around
Sr. Boy                     Sr Boy
Garet Jardine             Cooper Bradshaw

Sr. Girl                    Sr. Girl
Aubryn Bedke           Talon Clark

Jr. Boy                    Jr. Boy
Heath Owen               Devon McDaniel

Jr. Girl                    Jr. Girl
Alx Roe                    Jetta Bott

Pee Wee Boy             Pee Wee Boy
Mason McDaniel         Eyer Morrison

Pee Wee Girl               Pee Wee Girl
Mackenzie Rose         Jaycee Stroud

Karl Skinner, CPA, MAcc, with daughters at the Buhl Rodeo

Above picture showcasing Karl Skinner, MAcc, CPA with his daughters, two of which participated in the Rodeo and holding their awards. 

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Join the Madness at ISU

Brooke Eppa
Apr 14, 2014 07:27 PM
During the month of March we challengened the accounting students at BYU Idaho and ISU to a shoot out with alumni now working at Cooper Norman. Below are some pictures from the showdown at ISU. Until next year...
Ryan Mathews, Christy Stein, Todd Jensen, Sarah McOmber, Cooper Norman, Idaho State Universtiy, March Madness
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Celebrating 60 Years

Brooke Eppa
Jan 10, 2014 01:02 PM
2014 is a big year for Cooper Norman. We celebrate 60 years in the accounting practice, and as Jonas Salk once said, "The greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more." We are grateful for these past years and excited for all the new ones to come. Thank you to all our clients, owners, employees, and greater communities who have made this history possible!
A little bit about Cooper Norman's history:
The Firm dates back to 1954 originating with E. LeGrande Nelson in Twin Falls, Idaho. LeGrande began his career in Twin Falls, Idaho working as a Revenue Agent for the Internal Revenue Service.  As the IRS was going through a major reorganization in 1953-54, LeGrande obtained his CPA license and left the IRS to join John Peterson, one of Idahoís first and oldest CPAs, with an office in Twin Falls, Idaho.  After a short while, with John Peterson, LeGrande left and started his own CPA firm. A formal announcement appeared in the Times News on December 10th, 1954. The Firm originally went by the name, "Nelson & Tullis Certified Public Accountants".
December 10, 1954 opening announcement for Cooper Norman, Times News, Twin Falls, Idaho
Several of the firm's early clients were individuals and businesses audited by LeGrande as a Revenue Agent.  The Tom Callen family (with sonís Jerry & Doc Callen) and the Pickett family were two of those clients. Gordon E. Beckstead joined the firm in 1965. The Firm grew substantially as a result of Beckstead's talent for attracting quality professionals and his ability to gain the confidence of a large number of business clients. 
In 1972, the Firm merged with a regional CPA practice based in Nampa, Idaho called Severn Ripley Doorn. The entire company was acquired in 1975 by the national public accounting firm Deloitte, Haskins & Sells. David M. Cooper joined the firm in 1974 as a tax senior after working as a revenue agent for the Internal Revenue Service for three years. Robert A. Norman also joined the Firm in 1974 after working for three years with the national public accounting firm of Arthur Young in San Jose, California. 
In 1978 Beckstead and Cooper separated the Twin Falls office from Deloitte, Haskins & Sells. The Firm became known as Beckstead Cooper Co. Robert Norman was admitted as a partner in 1979 to bring his accounting and auditing expertise to the practice.
The Firm expanded in 1981 by opening an office in Las Vegas which was headed up by Beckstead who moved from Twin Falls to start the Nevada office. In 1984, Dave Cooper was named Managing member of the firm under the Firm name Beckstead Cooper Jirovec. In 1985 Beckstead retired from the Firm and from public accounting. The Las Vegas office was subsequently sold to a national CPA practice and the name of the Firm was then changed to Cooper Norman.
J. David Stoddard joined the Firm in 1981, after practicing public accounting in Utah for two years. He became a partner in the Firm in 1987 and moved from Twin Falls to Idaho Falls in 1988 to open the Firm's next office. The Idaho Falls office was started by acquiring the accounting practice of Donald W. Ferguson and Oran D. Rooks who had practiced public accounting in eastern Idaho for several decades. Ferguson retired shortly after selling his portion of the practice to Cooper Norman while Rooks stayed on another nine years before retiring. In 1983, the firm concluded that the partners should develop niche industries to target market our services. Dave Stoddard championed the firm's pension administration business segment which flourished througout the 1980s and 1990s and was ultimately sold to a Utah pension administration firm in 2011. 
Ronald L. Belliston joined the Twin Falls office of the Firm in 1982 after serving seven years in the United States Marine Corp. Ron Belliston championed the dairy industry niche for the firm beginning in 1984. The dairy niche became the firm's largest industry niche about 2004 and remains the largest today. Ron became a partner in 1992 and was elected the firm's managing partner in 2004.
The Firm departed from a traditional fraternal accounting firm ownership structure and adopted a corporate (operating) form of ownership and management in 1991. In 2000, the Firm adopted the Cooper Norman Practice Unit Participation Plan or PUPP trust. This trust funcitons essentially as an Employee Stock Option Plan. Professional staff are eligible to purchase shares in the company after completing 3 years of service and support staff are eligible after 5 years of service. The shares are held in a trust and are otherwise identical to the shares owned by the other partners. The managing partner serves as the trustee for this trust.
Clint Tavenner became a partner in 1996. In 2003 Clint Tavenner took on the role of Partner in Charge of the Idaho Falls office, and in January of 2004, the Firm opened an office in Boise headed up by Dave Cooper who moved from Twin Falls to start the office. Dave Stoddard retired in 2008 followed in 2010 by Dave Cooper and Robert Norman.  
An American Falls office was opened in late 2012 and was moved to Pocatello to merge with a new office there in October of 2013. The Boise office was closed in October 2013. Clint Tavenner took over the role of Managing Member in June of 2013.
Today the Firm employs nearly 80 total personnel between its three offices in Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello and enjoys the reputation of being one of the largest and most respected firms in Idaho.
60 Years, Partners in your success since 1954
Information about Cooper Norman's history was contributed by Ron Belliston (partner since 1992) and Marilee Allison (partner since 1996) and Dave Cooper (partner from 1978 to 2009). 
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