Tommy Gwinn Quoted on Bitcoin filings

Brooke Eppa
Mar 22, 2018 06:01 PM

Tommy Gwinn of our Pocatello office quoted in the Idaho Business Review.

Make sure you file your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency gains and losses correctly on your taxes!
Learn more about Tommy Gwinn here.
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Kimberlee Lystrup Recognized Under 40

Brooke Eppa
Apr 21, 2016 12:10 PM
Congratulations to our Kimberlee Lystrup on her nomination for “TWENTY Under 40”!!  What an honor to be nominated!
Though she didn't win the award, we're extremely proud of all Kim's accomplishments, both internally and out in the community. The awards ceremony for the winners was held Tuesday, April 19th, 2016. 
Kimberlee Lystrup, CPA, Pocatello, Idaho, Idaho State University, nominated
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Marilee Allison named Friend of the Fair

Brooke Eppa
Aug 8, 2014 06:25 PM
Marilee Allison, CPA, was recognized this year for her volunteer efforts and contributions to the Jerome County Fair. She has been involved with the fair since her own childhood when she showed livestock. 
Marilee Allison
Photo Courtesy of Laura Skinner Photography
Times News Article clipping of Marilee Allison
News Clipping from the Times News
Marilee started with Cooper Norman in 1977 and has been a partner in the firm since 1995. She is a great asset to any organization, and we are lucky to have her.  You can read more about Marilee in her bio.
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Brooke Eppa
Jun 9, 2014 10:17 AM
Any material appearing in communication or shared third party content from Cooper Norman is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal, accounting, or tax advice provided by Cooper Norman. Opinions expressed in communications from Cooper Norman professionals or shared third party content do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Cooper Norman or its associates. These communications are not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, a legal relationship, including, but not limited to, an accountant-client relationship. Often these materials have been prepared by professionals, but the user should not substitute these materials for professional services, and should seek advice from an independent advisor before acting on any information presented. Cooper Norman assumes no obligation to provide notification of changes in tax laws or other factors that could affect the information provided.
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Reactions to Numbers Investigated by Dan Packard

Brooke Eppa
Apr 30, 2014 01:06 PM
Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) utilize several techniques to detect and deter fraud. Daniel Packard, MAcc, CPA, CFE recently published an article exploring the link between human psychology and traditional forensic detection procedures.  The article was published in the May/June issue of Fraud Magazine, titled “Emotional reaction to numbers.”  Perpetrators continually display psychological behavioral traits consistent with the stress or fear of committing fraud, including living beyond one's means, having an unusually close association with vendors or customers, irritability, suspiciousness, defensiveness, complaining, addictive problems and excessive control issues. While fraudsters' circumstances may vary, all are subject to the psychological behavior traits inherent to perpetrating fraud.  Daniel’s article endeavors to substantiate that of all the sophisticated tools used to detect fraud, a fraud examiner's most powerful and effective instrument is the ability to emotionally and psychologically profile the perpetrator. Furthermore, a CFE could potentially generalize and exploit other subconscious responses associated with the stress and fear of perpetrating fraud in the computational detection of fraud.
Daniel Packard, MAcc, CPA, CFE, Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Cooper Norman, Idaho Falls, Idaho  
Published in Fraud Magazine May/June 2014
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Christy Stein Outstanding Masters of Accountancy

Brooke Eppa
Mar 19, 2014 10:11 AM
Christy Stein works as a CPA in the Idaho Falls office of Cooper Norman. She was recognized in "The Business Bulletin" Winter/Spring 2014 edition from ISU as the 2013 Outstanding Masters of Accountancy Graduate.

Christy Stein named Outstanding Masters of Accountancy graduate, Cooper Norman, CPAs, Business Advisors, Idaho Falls, Accountant, CPA
Visit Idaho State University's page and see the full business bulletin here.
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Celebrating 60 Years

Brooke Eppa
Jan 10, 2014 01:02 PM
2014 is a big year for Cooper Norman. We celebrate 60 years in the accounting practice, and as Jonas Salk once said, "The greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more." We are grateful for these past years and excited for all the new ones to come. Thank you to all our clients, owners, employees, and greater communities who have made this history possible!
A little bit about Cooper Norman's history:
The Firm dates back to 1954 originating with E. LeGrande Nelson in Twin Falls, Idaho. LeGrande began his career in Twin Falls, Idaho working as a Revenue Agent for the Internal Revenue Service.  As the IRS was going through a major reorganization in 1953-54, LeGrande obtained his CPA license and left the IRS to join John Peterson, one of Idahoís first and oldest CPAs, with an office in Twin Falls, Idaho.  After a short while, with John Peterson, LeGrande left and started his own CPA firm. A formal announcement appeared in the Times News on December 10th, 1954. The Firm originally went by the name, "Nelson & Tullis Certified Public Accountants".
December 10, 1954 opening announcement for Cooper Norman, Times News, Twin Falls, Idaho
Several of the firm's early clients were individuals and businesses audited by LeGrande as a Revenue Agent.  The Tom Callen family (with sonís Jerry & Doc Callen) and the Pickett family were two of those clients. Gordon E. Beckstead joined the firm in 1965. The Firm grew substantially as a result of Beckstead's talent for attracting quality professionals and his ability to gain the confidence of a large number of business clients. 
In 1972, the Firm merged with a regional CPA practice based in Nampa, Idaho called Severn Ripley Doorn. The entire company was acquired in 1975 by the national public accounting firm Deloitte, Haskins & Sells. David M. Cooper joined the firm in 1974 as a tax senior after working as a revenue agent for the Internal Revenue Service for three years. Robert A. Norman also joined the Firm in 1974 after working for three years with the national public accounting firm of Arthur Young in San Jose, California. 
In 1978 Beckstead and Cooper separated the Twin Falls office from Deloitte, Haskins & Sells. The Firm became known as Beckstead Cooper Co. Robert Norman was admitted as a partner in 1979 to bring his accounting and auditing expertise to the practice.
The Firm expanded in 1981 by opening an office in Las Vegas which was headed up by Beckstead who moved from Twin Falls to start the Nevada office. In 1984, Dave Cooper was named Managing member of the firm under the Firm name Beckstead Cooper Jirovec. In 1985 Beckstead retired from the Firm and from public accounting. The Las Vegas office was subsequently sold to a national CPA practice and the name of the Firm was then changed to Cooper Norman.
J. David Stoddard joined the Firm in 1981, after practicing public accounting in Utah for two years. He became a partner in the Firm in 1987 and moved from Twin Falls to Idaho Falls in 1988 to open the Firm's next office. The Idaho Falls office was started by acquiring the accounting practice of Donald W. Ferguson and Oran D. Rooks who had practiced public accounting in eastern Idaho for several decades. Ferguson retired shortly after selling his portion of the practice to Cooper Norman while Rooks stayed on another nine years before retiring. In 1983, the firm concluded that the partners should develop niche industries to target market our services. Dave Stoddard championed the firm's pension administration business segment which flourished througout the 1980s and 1990s and was ultimately sold to a Utah pension administration firm in 2011. 
Ronald L. Belliston joined the Twin Falls office of the Firm in 1982 after serving seven years in the United States Marine Corp. Ron Belliston championed the dairy industry niche for the firm beginning in 1984. The dairy niche became the firm's largest industry niche about 2004 and remains the largest today. Ron became a partner in 1992 and was elected the firm's managing partner in 2004.
The Firm departed from a traditional fraternal accounting firm ownership structure and adopted a corporate (operating) form of ownership and management in 1991. In 2000, the Firm adopted the Cooper Norman Practice Unit Participation Plan or PUPP trust. This trust funcitons essentially as an Employee Stock Option Plan. Professional staff are eligible to purchase shares in the company after completing 3 years of service and support staff are eligible after 5 years of service. The shares are held in a trust and are otherwise identical to the shares owned by the other partners. The managing partner serves as the trustee for this trust.
Clint Tavenner became a partner in 1996. In 2003 Clint Tavenner took on the role of Partner in Charge of the Idaho Falls office, and in January of 2004, the Firm opened an office in Boise headed up by Dave Cooper who moved from Twin Falls to start the office. Dave Stoddard retired in 2008 followed in 2010 by Dave Cooper and Robert Norman.  
An American Falls office was opened in late 2012 and was moved to Pocatello to merge with a new office there in October of 2013. The Boise office was closed in October 2013. Clint Tavenner took over the role of Managing Member in June of 2013.
Today the Firm employs nearly 80 total personnel between its three offices in Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello and enjoys the reputation of being one of the largest and most respected firms in Idaho.
60 Years, Partners in your success since 1954
Information about Cooper Norman's history was contributed by Ron Belliston (partner since 1992) and Marilee Allison (partner since 1996) and Dave Cooper (partner from 1978 to 2009). 
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Retirement Means Big Decisions for Farm Families

Brooke Eppa
Jan 8, 2014 10:12 AM
Retirement can be a tricky business to plan for. The article "Retirement Unlikely for Some Blue-collar Americans" tackled some of the issues, and our own Mike Salisbury weighed in.
'Farmers, loggers and other agriculture workers often have their wealth tied up in their homes or work property. Business consultant Mike Salisbury of American Falls, Idaho, has spent more than three decades helping farmers plan their financial futures. He said the biggest concern for most is succession _ whether any children want the farm once a farmer retires.


"Now, statistics pretty well show that about two-thirds of farm families do not have successors interested in coming back into the business," Salisbury said.


Without someone to take over the family business, farmers look for an exit strategy, he said. "There are some really complex tax ramifications for when a farmer decides to stop farming."


He said farmers approaching retirement want to know how to convert the equity in their land, fixtures, buildings and machinery into cash without having to pay the upper tax rates or having to pay taxes in a lump sum the day assets are sold.


"We like to think of our farmers as just barely getting by and dirt poor," Salisbury said. "For the vast majority of farmers today, the ones that survived the economic crash of the `80s, they're probably in pretty good shape."'

"Retirment Unlikely for Some Blue-collar Americans" By EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS Associated Press

Find a copy of the whole article here.

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CN Mobile App

Dec 13, 2013 06:10 PM
Cooper Norman is proud to announce the release of CN Mobile, an Apple-based app to help you with your everyday business needs.  Cooper Norman recognizes that mobile applications have become a fundamental expectation of the modern taxpayer. Our team is focused on resolving your ongoing needs and is dedicated to keeping you connected and informed.

 CN Mobile is designed to help individuals and business owners manage their day-to-day operations quickly and efficiently. CN Mobile is perfect for when you're on the go, need to make a quick reference, or need to calculate the implications of a business decision. CN Mobile connects you to today’s financial news or market trends. CN Mobile also keeps you involved in tax law changes and offers planning ideas.


CN Mobile features the following:


  • Blog Feed to Cooper Norman’s most recent news and events.
  • Web resources to help you quickly navigate to frequently referenced sites.
  • Current and pertinent tax facts, including our annual tax fact brochure.
  • Business and financial calculators, INCLUDING:
    • Basic Calculator - The basic calculator is designed to perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division functions. Great for quick use and reference.
    • Breakeven Analysis - The breakeven analysis calculator is designed to demonstrate how many units of your product must be sold to make a profit.
    • Cost of Missing a Discount Calculator - Cost of missing a discount is the equivalent annual interest rate of a discount on early payment to a supplier. Calculate the annual cost of missing a discount.
    • Economic Order Quantity Calculator - Economic order quantity is used to determine the most efficient order size for a company. EOQ applies only when demand for a product is constant and each new order is delivered in full when inventory reaches zero.
    • (iPad Only) Financial Ratio Analysis - The financial ratio analysis offers insight into the profitability, performance, and solvency of any given company's operations.
    • Idaho Investment Tax Credit Calculator - Determine the amount of Idaho income tax credit you qualify for based on capital expenditures made in Idaho during the current year.
    • Like Kind Exchange - If you exchange either business or investment property that is of the same nature or character, gain can be deferred. This calculator is designed to calculate recognized loss, gains and the basis for your newly received property.
    • Loan Calculator - Enter the total loan amount, the annual interest rate, and the number of years the loan will be in existence to determine your monthly payment and total interest.
    • (iPad Only) Net Present Value/Capital Budgeting Calculator - Annual cash flows are used to analyze potential investments by companies, known as capital budgeting. Projected cash flows are generated, and analyzed to determine whether a project meets required criteria for approval.
    • Pay or Play Optimization Calculator - Determine whether it is more advantageous to provide your employees qualified health coverage or subject yourself to the penalties imposed by healthcare reform.
    • (iPad Only) Regular Income Tax Calculator - Use this calculator to get a general idea of what your eventual tax liability may be. Begin by selecting your filing status.
    • Retirement Plan Contribution Calculator - Use this calculator to determine your maximum contribution amount for the different types of small business retirement plans, such as Individual 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, or SEP IRA.
    • (iPad Only) Self Employment Income Tax Calculator - Normally, these taxes are withheld by your employer. However, if you are self-employed, operate a farm, or are a church employee, you may owe self-employment taxes.
  • Portal Access to your personal tax and financial information.
  • Links to Cooper Norman’s social media, as well as comprehensive information about Cooper Norman and the services offered.
  • For iPhone users, quick phone links to each office.

 CN Mobile App, Cooper Norman, CPAs and Business Advisors, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Idaho, Accountant, Calculators

Download the app today!  In celebration of our  60th anniversary, Cooper Norman is making the mobile app free to download during the month of January, 2014.
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Blake Johnson, CPA Recognized by the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce

Brooke Eppa
Jul 30, 2013 05:57 PM
Blake Johnson, CPA, Member in Charge of the Idaho Falls office of Cooper Norman, was recognized by the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce as Accomplished Under 40. This article appeared in the Post Register on July 16th, 2013.
Blake Johnson, CPA Certified Public Accountant in Idaho Falls, ID was recognized by the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce for his work at Cooper Norman, CPAs Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors in Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Boise, American Falls
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