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We leave the ingenuity to you, and you can leave the taxes, accounting and advising to us.


Unpredictability comes with agriculture-related businesses. We can remove some variables from the financial aspect of the farming business.


With over 50 years of service to the construction industry, our accountants have specific knowledge to benefit your business.


We will take care of business logistics and financial strategies so that you can take care of everyone else.
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Running a business is no easy task, it takes a lot of time and dedication. With all of the decisions that you have to make and a long to-do list, it can be hard to find time to do everything in order to have a successful business. One of the most vital aspects of a business’s success is to ensure the financials are taken care of properly. All finance-related tasks should be in the hands of someone you can trust and someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. Regardless of how good your product or service that you offer is, without the right financial plan it will be difficult or impossible to stay afloat. A solid financial foundation can be laid for your business with the help of a professional accountant. 



You may think that you only need an accountant once a year when taxes come around but we offer so much more than that. We can help with all of the business financials throughout the year so you dont have to worry about them. We offer the following services and more. 


That’s right! Your CFO does not need to be in-house necessarily. Having a remote CFO could save your business money because the business will not have to provide vacation time, benefits, etc. to an in-house CFO. So you can have a top-of-the-line CFO for your business without breaking the bank. Our CFO services are comprehensive and you can contact us for more information. Whether interim, part-time, or full-time; our virtual CFO service can help.


A budget plan can be the determiner of your business growth. A budget plan doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of our accountants. Having a structured budget created by financial experts can ensure your business’ success. Knowing how to organize and develop a budget that fits your unique business can be difficult without the help of an accountant. If you let the experts plan your budget, you can be assured that it is what is best for your business. 


Payroll is one of those things that every company has to do at some point but as business owners know, it takes up time to do. But employees help your business to be successful so it is important to take care of them through payroll. With our help, you will know that your employees will be paid on time and the correct amount after deductions that need to be made. Leave the payroll responsibilities to us so you can get to what is most important for your business — running it.


The process of reviewing the previous year’s finances helps gauge performance and determine if there is cause for areas needing improvement. It will also give you a good idea of your business’s growth and what direction the business is headed. If you should ever be audited, you will most likely need to go back through previous years. Having an accountant can help you know exactly what information and documents you need in the case of an audit.


Even if the government doesn’t mandate an audit for your business, it may be a good idea to have one done anyway. Cooper Norman can do a thorough, painless audit of your company’s financials. This can give you peace of mind that company processes are in compliance. It is also a good place to start if you are wanting to make changes. With our help, you will know that your business is following the law at all times. 

A few other examples of services include:

  • Financial strategy
  • Virtual controllership
  • Multi-state business licensing


All of the services above revolve around accurate bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is recording all of the transactions that go through your business, going in and going out. Also organizing and keeping receipts for purchases. Having accurate accounting is vital to know where your business truly stands. If your records are not detailed and orderly it can cause problems in the future. If you are missing one transaction it can make a big difference and throw the records off. Having up to date records that are accurate make all other aspects of your business financials easier. 



While Cooper Norman is open to help any business with their accounting needs, there are a few areas in which we specialize.  We concentrate on and work with businesses in the agriculture, construction, and healthcare industries. Our goal is always to give you the best team of resources specific to your industry. Because we want to give you an experienced team, we hire individuals that have worked in these industries and each of their individual accounting needs.

We also recognize that these days individuals are starting their own businesses left and right. It is no longer commonplace for someone venturing into the business world to have business education or experience. Because of this shift, Cooper Norman is ready to help those in business who want to leave as much of the business side as possible to the professionals.



Whether you own your own business, want to save on taxes, or budget; an accountant is a qualified professional that is trained to help. Money is a sore spot for a lot of businesses and is vital to the business’s success. Attempting to file taxes without help can also be a major pain point for businesses and there is a risk it may not be done correctly. Hiring an accountant takes the stress out of all of these situations and lets you focus on other aspects of your business. The financials of a business take a  lot of time to make sure that they are done accurately and kept on. In the event of an audit, if there should ever be one, you’ll want to have a team of professional accountants that can help you navigate the legalities.

Arguably one of the best reasons to hire an accountant is so that you can have more time to focus on what you do best. When you have a professional accountant, then you can focus on being a business owner and let the experts take on the things that are stressful and time-consuming for you.



  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Organize and monitor finances
  • Maintain accuracy
  • Facilitate business growth
  • Save money and optimize tax savings



When searching for a business accounting firm in Boise, Idaho, you can’t beat the experience of Cooper Norman. With Cooper Norman, you will have access to a team of accountants with a wide variety of skills, combined years of experience, and earned credibility with the state of Idaho. We have worked with a broad range of businesses, and are confident we can assist you in whatever your specific industry might be.

Regardless of the size or age of your business, our accountants can help guide you through every stage. If you need a Boise accountant, help to transition your business, and long or short-term financial solutions, we would love the opportunity to show you what Cooper Norman has to offer. We value existing relationships and are excited about pursuing new ones. Please contact us if you have any questions about what we can do for your business. We want to see our clients succeed! 



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