Extensive Industry Expertise Adds Value to Business Consulting Services

Cooper Norman’s team of more than 70 top-tier professionals represents a wealth of experience gained from supporting businesses in our region’s leading industries. Our business consulting services leverage first-hand knowledge about recurring, industry-specific issues coupled with our CPA and advisory acumen to help you address many typical challenges – freeing your management team to focus on developing profitable new business opportunities.

For clients in agriculture, the cyclical nature of the business is always top of mind. Revenue fluctuates – sometimes wildly – but most expenses do not. Cooper Norman’s business consulting services help you develop systems to manage income and cover the ups and downs within a season, and from year to year. For the family agricultural enterprise, setting up a plan for how to transition from one generation to the next is critical; Cooper Norman advises on estate planning to minimize tax exposure. Many clients have dedicated their lives to agriculture, and welcome our general business insight and different perspective on perennial challenges.

Businesses in healthcare have never faced more uncertainty, both short-term and long-term. While the focus is always on providing quality care, many healthcare practitioners welcome assistance to manage the business side of the practice – so they ensure they consistently meet overhead requirements and make sound business decisions about leasing space, investing in equipment, etc. Cooper Norman’s business consulting services provide a sound framework to ensure profitability. For multi-practice entities, an interim CFO function can help you implement best-practice standard procedures for coding, billing and receivables and ensure your P&L tells an accurate story. In addition, we often advise on practice acquisitions and transitions.

Businesses in the construction industry have long relied on Cooper Norman for traditional accounting and tax services. Because we understand the industry’s various performance drivers so well, we can also assist with systems to help monitor profitability and manage cash flow. Many clients have gained pivotal insight from our recommendations for job costing and analysis of job gain/fade. In addition, a job schedule analysis helps you define an optimal level to target for project backlog.

Construction companies also face intense pressure to recruit and retain good talent. Cooper Norman can help you design competitive benefit packages and retirement plans to attract the best people to your organization. And our broad-based HR expertise provides a reliable pipeline for information about current HR issues and education opportunities.

In the face of uncertainty across the broader economy, Cooper Norman positions you to manage every aspect of your business well – to arrive at peace of mind and a path to profitability.