Dairy Industry

About Us

Approximately 30 years ago, we adopted the goal of becoming the number one provider of financial consulting services to the Idaho dairy industry.  This goal was accomplished through our unwavering commitment to the dairy industry.  Our firm and our team of professionals have invested significant hours and resources to gain a working knowledge of not just your financial statements, but also herd health, reproduction and dairy management concepts.  We believe it is the combination and relationship of these disciplines that enable us to be Idaho’s premier dairy accounting firm.

Cooper Norman provides all of the traditional financial, bank relationship and tax services.  In addition, we consult with each of our dairy clients, utilizing industry averages from our wide range of Idaho dairy clients, to help you maximize your operating efficiencies.

We belong to the following Professional Organizations:

•We take a very active role in legislation favorable to the dairy industry.  We serve on the board and as an associate member of Milk Producers of Idaho, Inc. (MPI).  MPI is a political action committee whose goals are to monitor and influence legislation favorable to the industry and alter potentially unfavorable legislation.  Chiefly among those is our current national debate on immigration reform.
•We also have close associations with United Dairymen of Idaho and Idaho Dairymen’s Association.
•We frequently write articles for the Progressive Dairyman and other industry periodicals regarding the financial challenges facing dairymen.

We believe that hiring the best people does not cost you more, it saves you more.  We offer free second opinions and consultations to determine whether we are right for you.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Contact Information

Committee Chair:

Mark Brady, CPA, CVA
208.733.6581 (Office)