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For more than 50 years Cooper Norman has been servicing the trucking industry.  Our dedicated team of professionals understands what the industry is facing, and we keep up on future changes and how they affect your business.  We keep up with current tax and accounting changes, as well as current changes in trucking legislation, rules, and guidelines for the industry.

At Cooper Norman you don’t just get one CPA advising you and your business, you get an entire team of CPA’s who are focused on your industry. Not only do we provide you with the accounting services you need, but we take the numbers and break them down for you.  We show you how you can you use them to operate your business in the future and not just know what happened in the past.
• Purchase vs. Lease Equipment Analysis
  • With the constant changes in the industry and tax law there can be benefits to owning or leasing your equipment.  We can help you understand these benefits and assist in this decision.
• Banking/Financing Relations
  • We will assist you in building a relationship with your banker.  We will assist you in providing timely information required by your bankers and meet with you and them to go over any questions they may have.  
• Transition Planning to the next generation
  • The majority of trucking companies we work with are family owned.  One of the hardest parts of a family owned business is transitioning it to the next generation.  We can help you with this process to make it a successful and smooth transition.
• Tax planning and preparation
• There are many ways we can help you to prepare for your taxes.  With a profitable business taxes are inevitable, but we can help to minimize the tax impact so you can continue to be a profitable business.
• Audit and assurance services
• As your company grows, so will the level of service your bank may require. We can help with anything from a compiled to an audited financial statement.
• Multi-state tax issues
• (Link to multi-state page) One of the biggest tax issues with the trucking industry is traveling and doing commerce in multiple states. We have dedicated professionals that analyze tax laws in every state.
• Job bidding analysis
• We can make sure you have the tools you need to understand your costs and profitable bid your hauls.

Professional Organizations:
• Idaho Trucking Association
For information about the 2013 Trucking Seminar put on by Cooper Norman, the ITA, and HUB International in April and May of 2013, please visit the Seminar Page.

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