Seminar Tackles New Laws Impacting Agriculture on KMVT channel 11

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Clint Tavenner, CPA Twin Falls Speaks to Channel 11 about the 2013 From the Field to Financials

Follow this link to read the full article on the KMVT website.

From the Field to Financials 2013 is a seminar Cooper Norman continues to put on throughout the state, adding more locations this year to the roster including Nampa and Burley. The seminar is intended to present important tax, healthcare, and estate planning information and updates specific to those in the Ag industry.

Some of this year’s presenters and Ag experts include:

Clint Tavenner, CPA
Mike Salisbury, ACFBA
Todd Wadsworth, CPA, CVA
Lance Fenton, CPA, CVA
David Allen, CPA, CVA

There are still two more events in Idaho before the seminar closes for the year.
The upcoming dates are:

Tuesday, January 29th in Idaho Falls
Wednesday, January 31st in Pocatello

Understanding the changes that occur each year is beneficial, and will give you an overview of what’s going on in your industry. It also lets you know what kinds of questions you need to ask of your insurance provider(s), accountant and other experts in your trusted team of advisors. It’s very important, however, to have a conversation with those experts about your specific situation and how the laws will affect you and your business. As laws and regulations become more complicated, it requires more technical knowledge to navigate each scenario.


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