Idaho Falls and Ammon are among the fastest growing suburbs of Idaho. With that growth comes an increase in businesses. If you are a business owner or considering opening a new business in the area, then Cooper Norman has a lot to offer you. If you are in need of accounting in Idaho Falls, an Idaho Falls CPA or business tax advisor, look no further than the Cooper Norman team of professionals. 

Cooper Norman is a well-known and well-loved team in the area, and we truly care about helping our clients. With more than sixty years of experience and approximately thirty qualified CPA’s to serve you, we hope that you will give us the chance to show you what so many of our loyal clients already know. 

Cooper Norman is catered to serving the businesses that are the most prevalent in our beautiful state. 

Industries We Serve


Idaho has a substantial history of agriculture that is continuing today. At Cooper Norman, we understand the stress of uncertainty and unpredictability that comes with farming and other agriculture-related businesses. We may not know much about how to drive a tractor, or what chemicals to put in the soil,but the team at Cooper Norman can help you take some of the variables out of the financial aspect of business. 


Not every accountant understands the construction business. Having industry specific accountants is the best option for your construction business to thrive. Because Idaho Falls is growing so fast, there is construction all around. Whether your business is new or established; whether you are sub or general contractors, our fifty years of experience can help. State licensing laws can sometimes cause a headache for construction companies. Let Cooper Norman share their expertise so you don’t have to stress. 


Taking care of patients and keeping our communities safe should be the number one priority of health care workers. You shouldn’t be stressing about business logistics and strategies. Let Cooper Norman take care of that, so that you can take care of everyone else. If you are in the healthcare business in Idaho Falls and need a CPA , accountant, or business advisor, give us a chance to show you how we can do the research for you to get the results you desire for your business. 

Private Businesses

Although it is true that finances are part of a business education, it is far from a comprehensive understanding. And, these days you don’t have to have any kind of business degree to actually start your own business. So, we will leave the ingenuity to you, and you can leave the taxes, accounting and advising to us. Cooper Norman can also help you strategize for your business and connect you with helpful resources all throughout Idaho. 

Things we help these types of businesses with include


Through Cooper Norman you have access to full time or part time financial services in Idaho Falls. Our accounting team is diverse and has a wide variety of experience that qualifies them to help you regardless of your business model. 

Business Transition Planning

No one really thinks about the last day of running their business when they are first starting out. However, planning for retirement or exiting the company is crucial because without proper forethought things don’t typically just fall into place. 

Tax Services

As a business owner we know you have a lot on your plate. Surely keeping up with the most recent tax changes and codes is not high on your list of priorities. Tax strategy is also an important part of your business’s financial success. 

This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact us with any questions about services we offer. 

Why Idaho Falls Businesses Trust Cooper Norman

Our Idaho Falls CPA’s will work directly with you, and dedicate their time and attention to your needs. We can represent you every step of the way. We would love the opportunity to get to know your business. We believe in taking the time to get acquainted with the details of what makes your business unique. Every business is different. We know there is no “one size fits all” remedy for success, but together we can achieve it. 

Local businesses large and small choose Cooper Norman to grow, guide, and govern their financial planning. Whether you need an accountant in Idaho Falls or need help transitioning your business, the team can help. We have been around a long time and owe our own success to our amazing clients. We hope to retain old relationships and cultivate new ones as we progress together. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.