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We leave the ingenuity to you, and you can leave the taxes, accounting and advising to us.


Unpredictability comes with agriculture-related businesses. We can remove some variables from the financial aspect of the farming business.


With over 50 years of service to the construction industry, our accountants have specific knowledge to benefit your business. 


We will take care of business logistics and financial strategies so that you can take care of everyone else.

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When choosing a professional to help with your professionals, you don’t want to choose just anyone. At Cooper Norman, we are proud to be a reputable firm with more than six decades of serving clients in many different industries. We are the most established accounting firm in Idaho, and our experience consists of over 70 qualified professionals committed to offering value to customers like you. Due to our years of experience, we have the knowledge to guide you through any situation that comes to you. We also provide valuable marketplace and industry insights to help you achieve your business’s goals.

As an entrepreneur, you know that there are many management and financial challenges that you have to face and handle. At Cooper Norman, we understand this, and we offer assistance to the construction, healthcare, and agriculture industries to make your life a little easier. Cooper Norman has your accounting needs covered so you don’t have to worry about frequent financial problems that can impact your business’s growth. We know how to assist you in solving these problems and guide you to make sound decisions in order to reach your goals. 

Cooper Norman has experienced accountants who offer exceptional client services. We’ve helped many businesses in different industries, and we understand how to solve challenges your enterprise may face. We value our clients and commit to serving them according to their needs. We strive to create a productive environment and long-term partnerships with our clients.


Regardless of the size of your business, accounting services are critical and can make a big difference for your business. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot to undertake in your company. By working with our experienced accounting team at Cooper Norman, you will free up time so that you can focus on other areas of your business that need your attention. We endeavor to provide personalized accounting services, so we use software that caters to your organization’s needs.

Our financial consulting and information are consistent to help you achieve your mission and business goals. Our accounting team can provide you with part-time and full-time CFO services to help with your daily accounting if needed.


The experienced team at Cooper Norman understands that your company is constantly evolving. We personalize your experience to give you the services you deserve and that would greatly benefit your business. Our upfront planning allows effective time use and reduced cost. Audit and assurance services you can expect from us include:


  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Service Organization Controls (SOC)
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • The Compilation, Review, and Audit Engagements
  • Evaluations and other agreed-upon processes


  • Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Internal Controls
  • Overhead Rate Audit & FAR Compliance
  • Forensic Accounting


Proper business transition planning is critical for implementing strategies, priorities, and goals for a successful transition. While entrepreneurs invest their resources, energy, and time to grow their businesses, it’s not uncommon to not know how to transition your enterprises. Not to mention, how to get the most value out of your business. Will you transfer your enterprise to key managers, employees, or family members, or will you sell it to an eternal source? Answering these questions can help you make an informed decision during your company transition. There are a lot of components to consider when going through a transition, we are here to guide you through all of it.

Copper Norman can help with the following services:

  • Transaction advisory
  • Due diligence support
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Value enhancement
  • Exit planning


If you want to know what your business is generating accurately, you need to understand your finances. This can also help you predict future expenses and revenue, allowing you to plan for tough times. It also will give you the opportunity to create goals and know what is reasonable for your business. Remember, your business requires consistency and maintenance to grow.


If you want up-to-date financial data for your company, proper accounting is necessary. With the correct information about your business, you can make critical decisions on several things, including new business investments, equipment purchases, or service improvement. With accurate data, you can know whether it’s time to put more cash into the business and how this can impact your finances. With the help of our team, we can provide you with all the information and sound advice on what our recommendations would be. 


There is so much value in having access to great counsel, especially as a business owner. There are a variety of decisions that every business owner can make and have to make. Navigating where to invest your money can be challenging. Our team here at Cooper Norman wants to give you the direction you need as you weigh out investment opportunities and choose the right choice for you. 



Accounting professionals at Cooper Norman will offer you excellent solutions to simplify your finances and business operations. We have the best interest of our clients at heart, and we’ll provide accurate data and information in real-time to boost success. Our top-notch software ensures we never make mistakes with your bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes. 


What sets Cooper Norman apart from other accounting firms is our dedication to being extremely proactive in our tax and other strategies. Our team doesn’t want to let things happen and be simply reactionary. We pride ourselves in having a great financial vision to help direct our clients in the most meaningful ways in accordance with their personal goals and objectives. We want to help you reach your goals and help you make changes within your business to see success. 


You expect excellent services when you hire a firm to handle your accounting needs. At Cooper Norman, we understand this, and we value our customers. We work to fulfill your accounting needs, which are our priority. Our committed team will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Also, our experienced team members have specific industry knowledge and will provide tailored services for your industry. We are here to help you reach the success that you desire and feel confident while doing so.  

We believe in honest communication with our customers and stand out due to our values and outstanding customer service. Our team is full of knowledgeable, experienced, and detail-oriented professionals. At Cooper Norman, we are invested in our clients. This means we care about you, your business, and what you envision for your business. Start working with us today, and be assured that your accounting needs are safe. 

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