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As Private Business Consultant, Cooper Norman brings fresh ideas, high-value connections to business owners & entrepreneurs.

As every independent business owner knows, it can be lonely at the top. You’ve invested a tremendous amount of both time and money to build your business – and developed good instincts along the way to know when it’s time to consider an outside perspective, or add strategic resources to your team.

 Cooper Norman taps a team of more than 70 financial professionals to shed light on a variety of business challenges that emerge for the owner-managed enterprise. Conversations often start around the topic of taxation, with intent to minimize tax exposure for both the owner and the company, and move on to address business planning and support for operations.

You can expect innovative, leading-edge recommendations from Cooper Norman, but perhaps the greatest value we offer as private business consultants comes from our role as a connector – our network of specialized advisors, lenders, industry insiders and community leaders extends throughout the state and beyond, and provides opportunities for clients to to build relationships and strategic alliances to advance their business.

As Idaho’s largest CPA and advisory firm, Cooper Norman has been an active contributor to the regional business community for more than 65 years. We’ve developed niche expertise serving business owners in key sectors:


We consult with manufacturers to implement best-practice product costing and inventory management systems, and develop tax strategies to support research and development.


Whether you run a single-point franchise or have multiple locations, inventory management and cost segregation are ongoing challenges. We specialize in analyzing and improving LIFO systems and data, and how to improve management of overhead costs.


Businesses in this sector operate on razor-thin margins, and can benefit from strategies to improve daily operating efficiency. Cooper Norman advises on inventory management and cash flow stabilization, and sets up frameworks for break-even analysis and other metrics. In addition, we can help you structure and negotiate your lease to better advantage.


Cooper Norman serves short-haul and long-haul OTR transportation companies, providing useful analysis for purchase vs. lease decisions. We also help develop company-tailored models for job bid analysis, Companies in this sector pay taxes multiple states, so our tax expertise can ensure compliance.


Successful real estate investing calls for keen analysis of a project’s feasibility and the ability to forecast a range of scenarios. Cooper Norman consults on buy/sell transactions, lease agreements and 1031 exchanges, and advises on entity structuring and strategies for asset protection. We also help owners of short-term rental and recreational properties develop pro forma statements and forecasting models.

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