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We leave the ingenuity to you, and you can leave the taxes, accounting and advising to us.


Unpredictability comes with agriculture-related businesses. We can remove some variables from the financial aspect of the farming business.


With over 50 years of service to the construction industry, our accountants have specific knowledge to benefit your business. 


We will take care of business logistics and financial strategies so that you can take care of everyone else.

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Cooper Norman has provided accounting services to businesses in Idaho for over 65 years. Having thrived and flourished right alongside most of the state’s essential industries, the firm has grown to be the largest Idaho-based public accounting firm since its founding.

The firm’s expertise comprises 70 top-tier accounting professionals who help your business grow and succeed by providing crucial insights about the marketplace and industry in which your business operates. Specifically, Cooper Norman focuses on helping businesses in the construction, healthcare and agriculture industries optimize their financial and management practices.

Businesses in these industries face many of the same recurring barriers to sound decision-making and growth. Cooper Norman guides organizations around these obstacles by applying all-encompassing business acumen and extensive industry knowledge on the local and national scales. As a result, the organizations become stronger.

Additionally, Cooper Norman continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing outstanding client service. It does this through:

  • Operating four office locations in Idaho, from where it serves businesses of all sizes.
  • Hiring the top-qualified accounting professionals, including 35 CPAs, dedicated to serving the firm’s clients.
  • Supporting the local organizations and trade associations to which your business belongs to keep up with issues important to you.


What Cooper Norman Can Do for You

Cooper Norman takes pride in its contributions toward establishing the strong foundation necessary for businesses in Twin Fall, Idaho, to grow and succeed sustainably. Cooper Norman’s services include:

  • Accounting
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Business Transition Planning
  • Executive Leadership
  • Forensic and Valuation Services
  • Tax Services

The firm’s CPAs and advisors use their expertise and experience to help your business successfully implement the best financial reporting and accounting practices. The accounting professionals also provide audit, tax and assurance services that help you develop proactive strategies that limit your organization’s tax exposure.

Cooper Norman provides business solutions that ensure full compliance while maintaining operational efficiency. The firm empowers you to adopt forward-thinking and highly adaptable leadership approaches, which are invaluable whether you’re navigating marketplace uncertainty, planning an ownership transition or preparing for an acquisition.

Reliable information is essential, regardless of the situation. Cooper Norman goes beyond providing data. The firm’s accounting professionals help you analyze the data and tease out an authentic story about your organization’s journey. Besides functional business solutions, Cooper Norman has several other capabilities:

  • Tax research
  • Industry data analysis, research and reporting
  • Industry trend analysis for assessment of risk and opportunities
  • Benchmarking against national, regional and local competitors

Cooper Norman’s services help you manage risks, improve your decision-making and seize growth opportunities.


Why Having a CPA Firm Is Beneficial

The CPA firm guides you through the complex and time-consuming process of managing tax. The type of CPA services you need depends on the size and type of business you run. An independent practitioner may be relatively inexpensive for tax preparation services, for example. However, the capacity and expertise they offer is often limited.

In contrast, a CPA firm, while it may cost more, offers a vast pool of expertise through its team of accounting professionals. Furthermore, CPA firms have comprehensive infrastructures, which enables them to offer you the accounting services you need regardless of your business’s size or industry.

The value of the interactions between an established CPA firm and its clients is not limited to the annual exchanges necessary for tax processing. Your accounting firm should offer business accounting support, personalized financial planning and tax services, and more.

It performs a deep-dive of your finances during tax season to identify opportunities to plan better and save more. It takes time to understand your financial goals and provide proactive business solutions and advice.


A CPA Firm Provides a Team Approach and Strategic Financial Planning

The team approach is one of the primary advantages of hiring a CPA firm instead of an independent CPA practitioner. While the firm may assign you a contact person, you will have access to the cumulative expertise and experience of the firm’s entire team of accounting professionals.

Each partner in an accounting firm brings into the team their unique experience. When the need arises, the partners can engage the expertise of their colleagues and provide you with the appropriate solution. Moreover, a team approach enables the firm to keep up with tax laws and regulations as they rapidly evolve.

Your organization may undergo major changes, such as corporate restructuring or personnel change. As a result, you may need to change how you handle your tax and other aspects of your finances. In that case, a CPA firm can offer valuable strategic financial planning services.

The firm ensures that you take full advantage of all the credits and deductions for which you are eligible. It also helps you manage your tax burden. Consequently, you need not worry about running into any unpleasant surprises during tax season. Strategic financial planning helps you minimize compliance risk and size opportunities to minimize your tax burden.


Why Cooper Norman Is the Right Choice

Cooper Norman is the best choice for a number of reasons. The firm has a large team of CPAs that offers a large pool of expertise and experience. The team also has a long history of serving businesses of various sizes and in different industries, with an emphasis on construction, healthcare and agriculture. It also offers a broad range of accounting services. Whether you run a startup, small business, a medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, Cooper Norman has the resources and capacity to handle your accounting needs.

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