Some of the first professions that come to mind, when thinking of those that employ accountants, are typical businesses associated with finance companies, insurance companies, or government institutions. Accountants can actually cover a large range of businesses and can be quite a valuable asset to include amongst your company. With every business, there is always the financial side. In order to continue growing and thriving, your finances need to be well in-hand and organized to ensure profitability and longevity. 

For many companies, the main aspect of their work revolves around the products and services that they provide. Having a solid baseline of work and products helps to increase your clientele and will help keep you up and running. Aside from everything else that keeps you so busy, it is important to always have your finances in order. Accounting services at Cooper Norman can focus on the financial side of your business so that you can get back to your passion and focus on your clients. 

Accounting Logistics

Companies deal with so much financial information and data on a daily basis – it is a huge part of how a business runs and operates. Accounting is the recording and organization of a business’s financial information. Accounting also serves to help you track how well your business is doing financially and assists with keeping your tax obligations organized and fulfilled. Financial records that falls under accounting services include:

  • Business transactions
  • Company projections
  • Tax records

This financial information then is analyzed and verified to provide results about business transactions in a summary of the company’s financial health. These complex and data-driven procedures can be handled by professional accountants to completely understand and maximize the company’s finances.   

How Roofing Accountants Can Assist You

There are many different aspects of the construction industry that can benefit from accounting services, and Cooper Norman also specializes in working with roofers in their specific industry. Roofing accountants are a knowledge-based accounting service that helps to provide a number of different solutions to any accounting challenges that your business may encounter. They are also technically trained in financial matters such as payroll, tax preparation, and bookkeeping. Along with these expert services, roofing accountants also assists with professional services such as:

    • Organizing your business finances: Separating financial departments by categories will help you to better understand the numbers of where everything is going and how to stay ahead (i.e. overhead, gross/net profit, sales and profit margins).
  • Calculating and predicting expenses: Knowing what you have and what to anticipate in the future will help you to be better prepared to understand your projected monthly cash flow in relation to your business finances as a whole. 
  • Structuring your accounts: We assist with organizing your profit and loss statement chart of accounts.
  • Handling Deposits: We professionally can handle payments from clients, job deposits, and calculate charge methods for specific jobs.

Understanding the Roofing Industry

Our immense knowledge of the roofing industry makes our accounting services unmatched when it comes to handling the finances for your roofing company. With everything that a roofing accountant can offer, the services we provide are maximized by our expertise in this field. Having access to experts in the roofing industry will help the financial side of your business be top-notch and well-organized. When handled by some well-versed accounting professionals of the industry, your company is sure to be the best it can be.

Focusing on Your Clients

Dividing your attention into all the different facets of your roofing company can be difficult to juggle and balance. We know there are many complex procedures and aspects of roofing companies that make it great, and we want to help to make it even better! While the financial side is so important, there are cases where focusing on that takes you away from the crucial work and focus that could be dedicated to your clients. By carrying out the organizational and financial strategies, roofing accountants can help increase profitability as well. By handling this side, you can feel confident that every aspect of your finances are being maximized while being able to truly devote your time and talents to your clients.

Importance of Bookkeeping and Good Records

Since most every single business out there deals in money and finances, bookkeeping is imperative to ensure your business is being run properly and efficiently. Every day you will be dealing with incoming and outgoing expenses. Accounting services with an attention to bookkeeping details will help you to better track your progress. Having an effective outline of your financial progress can help you to better prepare for your company’s future and longevity in this industry. The knowledge that comes from proper and efficient accounting will aid in the decision-making processes that you deal with on a daily basis. Your decisions can be more informed and strategic if you keep good records and track your progress. The best way to ensure that all your finances are being properly accounted for and that you are taking every advantage of all your financial benefits is by hiring a professional roofing accountant. 

About Cooper Norman

As a full-service accounting service, Cooper Norman offers consistent consultation to help you be successful with all your financial information. Our unwavering focus and attention to detail will help you to achieve new heights in your financial strategy and profitability. At Cooper Norman, we have had the privilege of working with many different businesses and have been successful at helping them to overcome challenges and create better financial success.. Through this experience and knowledge of the industry that we have gained over the years, we will be able to provide you with expert insights to promote growth in your business. For over 65 years, we have had the honor and privilege of serving Idaho businesses. This is our passion and our strength – to understand your challenges and ensure you overcome them successfully. Contact us today to see what makes us one of the most trusted and largest accounting firms in Idaho. Let us do what we do best so that you can maximize what you do best. 


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